Monday, December 7, 2015

Vendor Profile #9: The Simplest Stitch

Tell us about your work and what we can expect to see at Handmade Hamilton:
I mostly create functional, contemporary crocheted pieces.  Scarves, hats, cowls, slippers, headbands...and more. I also like to do some sewn pieces. Right now I'm hung up on these fantastic pyramid shapes that can be used as doorstops, or just as neat shelf decor...  I always love neutrals, but I'm also not afraid of some colour.  

What inspires you?
Fibres and textiles!!  I just look at them and my brain starts going...and then my hands just have to get involved.  I love that I've been doing this for several years and I still get so excited about the creative process. I'm usually making smaller pieces, so the frequent bouts of satisfaction are super fun and enjoyable.  I love that I'm taking a skill (an ART) from days past, and keeping it current with different (contemporary) colour and style choices. I also love incorporating details with a different texture. With my headbands I add these great foraged wood buttons.  With the sewn pyramids, some leather.  It adds extra interest, and often, a more natural element.

OH!! and people.  People are amazing!  I see other artists and makers and think "man, people are awesome".  What they try out, and do successfully is always inspiring, without fail.

A lot  artists and crafters listen to audio books and podcasts to get inspired.  What do you listen to? 
Well, I can't say I listen to a lot at this point, though I do have a few podcasts on a list listen to someday (probably from Lisa @ GirlCanCreate!).  I am mostly looking at pictures of pretty much anything - for colours or details that really strike me.  Or I'm watching various design shows.... I then have those different design principles, details or colour combinations come back to me when I'm staring at my pile of yarn or fabric :)

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