Friday, December 11, 2015

Vendor and Curator Profile: Lisa Pijuan-Nomura of GirlCanCreate

Handmade Hamilton was created by Lisa Pijuan-Nomura in December of 2012 after moving from Toronto to Hamilton.  At the time she was the Artistic Director of James North Studio and was interested in presenting the best of the art and craft in Hamilton.  For the first two years, it was a small showcase of 14 vendors, and then in 2014 it moved to the brilliant Staircase Theatre where it now happens annually. 

Together with Colette Kendall,  Performer and Artistic Director of The Staircase,  Lisa continues to create unique shows with a fine mix of artists and aesthetics.  

Aside from being an organizer of events, Lisa is also a storyteller and collage artist.  

She will be at the door welcoming everyone into the Staircase and will be selling some of her latest collage work that as always is inspired by paper, people and the stories we tell. 

Vendor Profile #30: Woolly Encores

My name is Lindsey and I like wool.  Everything I create has been designed and crafted by hand, using recycled woollen sweaters sourced from every thrift store across Southern Ontario.  I can't get enough!  After I find my treasures, they are washed and dried on hot, shrinking the wool fibres to create the thick, durable felt you see here.  Being a natural fibre, the wool is very warm, water repellent and perfect for a polar-vortex winter.  

Vendor Profile #29: Suki and Co.

Santa Totoro

Mouse with cheese

Suki and Co make needle felted miniatures, ornaments, and soft animal figurines designed and crafted by Sarah Jarvis.  Most of the works are animals, and pop culture characters. 

Vendor Profile #28: Moonruddle Designs

Moonruddle Designs is Catherine Moon- artist, teacher, and mother of 3. She graduated with degrees in Fine Arts and French from McMaster University in 2000. She teaches French Immersion and continues to do printmaking in her spare time. All of her prints are original designs carved from linoleum and hand printed on an assortment of Japanese papers. She is inspired by nature and specifically by flowers, insects and forest animals. Other inspirations come from the French culture and from her visits to France and Quebec. More recently she has been experimenting with dyeing natural fabrics with natural dyes.

Vendor Profile #27: Fuggly Dog Designs

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Fuggly Dog Designs creates fun, quirky and original designed Tshirts.  

Sometimes cute, sometimes dark, always fun!

Vendor Profile #26: Dear Sukie

Dear Sukie handmade vinyl wallets are made from scratch from start to finish by me (Kristy Clarke) in my home studio. Each wallet is only made in small runs so they are extremely distinctive and unique!

In 2010 Dear Sukie appeared on the Martha Stewart Show to teach Martha and the audience how to make a Dear Sukie wallet! Curious how one is made? Watch the video here: 

Vendor Profile #25: Curious Oddities

Born in a century-old log cabin in the wilds of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, surrounded by a community rich with artifacts of the early pioneers and settlers, I grew up with the heart of a dreamer and the spirit of an explorer. My intensely inquisitive nature led me to explore many different crafts and trades, absorbing new techniques and inspiration every step of the way.

Since 2008, I have spent my time travelling, collecting treasures and making delightful, fantastic jewelry.

 My work is heavily influenced by the designs of the Victorian, Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau Eras, in which romance, whimsy and elegance were paired with fine workmanship, quality materials and exquisite detailing. I also draw inspiration from many literary sources including works by Jules Verne, Neil Gaiman, Edward Gorey and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I have always been deeply aware of the balance and beauty of the world around me. Through my work, I love to marry the natural with the mechanical, drawing unexpected beauty from the mundane.

With a rampant imagination, I seek to find a story in everything and seek to unveil the magic in all I touch. The Curious Oddities collection is an ever changing and eclectic mix of salvaged treasures, vintage finds, gemstones, Czech glass, enamel and new, premium quality, traditionally pressed, antiqued, inked or plated brass.

All of my Curious Oddities are lovingly crafted and curated by me in heart of Hamilton, Ontario Canada where I currently reside with my three rather eccentric calico cats.

Most of the pieces that I create are small run (usually less than 10) or one of a kind; there are a few designs of the pressed brass that are renewable and are a more permanent part of my collection.

Vendor Profile #24: See Laurie Sew

Hamilton native Laurie Remillard creates beautiful and unique handmade quilts, wall art, stitched accessories and gifts. 

"Born and raised in Hamilton, I love the season changes and the new starts that come with them. My favourite time of the year is fall, when the mornings are cool and crisp and the sun shines throughout the day, and the evenings are perfect for sitting out under the stars - and under a warm quilt! I am a list maker, a podcast junkie (I love the creative entrepreneur stuff!), and I love scrapbooking, painting and cooking, but my passion is quilting. I love the intricacy of patchwork; the details and embellishment on a mini quilt; the colours, patterns and texture of a pieced project. I create one of a kind art quilts that are perfect little wall-hangings, cozy lap quilts and full sized patchwork and memory quilts. At the Handmade Hamilton Holiday Show I will also have abundant stocking stuffers, teacher gifts and little things for yourself – all stitched or sewing related."

Vendor Profile #23: Joanne Marlowe

Tell us about your work and what we can expect to see at Handmade Hamilton. 

I will be selling both copies of my books.  Unfinished Ink is a book of poetry about love, lust, loss and Liquor.  I will also be selling limited quantities of My Little Book of Randoms.

What does your creative process look like?

 I write in a moment and on typewriters which I collect.  Usually on the floor accompanied by music (vinyl) and some wine or whiskey.

What inspires you?

 People watching, personal experiences and just a vision in my head.

Favourite books and movies. 

Too many to name a few but I am also a screenwriter and working on getting a film made in the future.

Vendor Profile #22: Erin McMom

I've been stitching since I was 16. I grew up watching my mother cross-stitch and although I was always fascinated by the process of creating a work of art from floss and fabric, I never quite connected with the patterns that were readily available. I began sketching my own patterns directly onto fabric and stitching them freehand. To this day I have only stitched one counted cross-stitch pattern (other than my own). I love the freedom to let my imagination run wild and create patterns that are unique and fun. Every cross-stitch pattern in my shop has been designed and personally stitched by me so that you can be sure the pattern will look as wonderful on the hoop as it does on the chart.

I opened my Etsy shop in March of 2015 after receiving some requests for patterns of my Confetti City Skyline Cross Stitch projects and I was thrilled with the response. Although my focus has shifted towards embroidery, I'm still committed to releasing a new Confetti City Skyline Pattern each month. 

My embroidery designs are inspired by my family and friends, and often begin as designs that I've stitched as gifts for baby showers, birthdays, and other events.

I fall in love with every piece that I stitch, and sometimes I'm a little sad to see them go! I ensure that each piece I embroider overflows with attention to detail from the tiniest french knot flower centres, to single strand lines of bark detail on a tree branch.

It is my hope that these pieces will bring joy to you, your family, and friends.

Vendor Profile #21: Reclaimed Charm Canada

Reclaimed Charm was born out of a passion for sustainability. Initially, I began re-purposing and up-cycling as a way to keep discarded household goods from the landfill. I painted, repaired and saved anything that I could; I tried to use stained glass wherever possible. As a veteran stained glass artist for over 20 years, I became unchallenged by the regular stained glass methods:  buy glass, cut, fit into pattern - stained glass by numbers.

It wasn't until I first came upon a 100 year old window that was broken and about to be thrown in the landfill that I saw a unique opportunity.  Rather than fit the glass to an existing pattern, I created or found patterns that fit the broken and discarded glass. I felt so passionate about saving this glass: it is a part of our history!  From a window in a farm house, to a house on Locke St., to a church in Richmond Hill.

Many of the pieces have been created from discarded glass and have history lessons, workmanship and most of all kept our families warm and dry.  I've used 100, 150 and 200 year old glass in my pieces, and I am currently working with 200 year old church glass. The church was built in 1776, went through wars, several renovations and these church windows were removed when a predominant church member passed away and the family had new windows created in their memory. The glass sat in the basement for many years until it was decommissioned by the church then taken home by a Deacon. I couldn't pass up such an exciting opportunity!

I am excited to source vintage glass kitchenware that our mothers and grandmothers were proud to serve candy to visitors in but is now given away to thrift stores. I create art pieces and make heirlooms knowing this glass will live on and have another life rather than be discarded to the landfill. Every piece I make has a story and I can tell you where every piece of glass came from.

I reclaim, re-purpose and up-cycle specializing in stained with a history, a story, a past!

Vendor Profile #20: Frayed Knot Fibre

Temprate 4.0 oz Handpainted Polwarth top for spinning OOAK

I met Jennifer from Frayed Knot Fibre at the Niagara Made in Canada Etsy show and I knew that her work would be an amazing addition to Handmade Hamilton. Perfect for the crafty textile people in your life, Frayed Knot Fibre will be sure to delight - Lisa, curator of Handmade Hamilton

Frayed Knot Fibre came to be when an artist and a hard working farmer decided to make a go of it. We specialize in Alpaca yarns and fibres from our own Niagara Region farm, as well as a selection of other fine yarns and fibres 

We hand dye everything, create wonderful blends for spinning and felting and generally have a wonderful time doing it. Our goal is to share the joy that we have with everyone through our super squishy, comfy, cozy colour ways. 

Ruby Ruby 4.0 oz 100% Alpaca roving for spinning or felting OOAK

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Vendor Profile #19: JB Styles

Jb styles is all about upcycling and eco-style! My creations are often inspired by current trends, however, each piece is made using vintage, antique or previously loved materials fashioned through a variety of techniques. Fabric, buttons, glass and jewelry that I search for and find at markets and various shops & sales are reimagined, disassembled, cut up and redesigned into “new” and wonderful things. More than 90% of my work is made with upcycled materials and because of this the Jb styles line is ever changing with fresh & inspired ideas with every season. Also because of this, most of the pieces are limited edition which adds a true one of a kind quality to my work.

Soft products include Boho throws, Limbwarmers, cup cuffs and pillows all of which are created from hoodies and wool sweaters.
I redesign old jewelry and vintage buttons into new accessories….earrings, pendant necklaces & bracelets. Beautifully patterned vintage scarves are encased in glass (using a stained glass technique) to make candleboxes and ornaments.
Jb styles has a passion for texture, colour and pattern, but mostly for the challenge of taking something old and forgotten and giving it a new life. Customers can feel that their purchase is not only funky and unique, but also eco-responsible.

Vendor Profile #18: Laura Konyndyk Illustration

Punny Animal Christmas Cards - Laura Konyndyk Illustration

Laura Konyndyk is an illustrator based in Hamilton Ontario.
She’s inspired by all kinds of things: leaves and their many shades of green, flower petals, puns, fashion, fabrics, forest animals and children’s books! The list could go on.
People Who Love to Eat Are Always the Best People: Julia Child Quote Print

Her medium of choice is watercolour because (in her experience) working with it calls for an interesting combination of spontaneity and restraint. Her favorite thing is when two colours blend in a fresh and eye catching way.
She hopes that her prints, cards and other artistic products  will add more whimsy and loveliness to your life.

Colourful Owl - Print of Watercolour Illustration

Vendor Profile #17: Batavia by Sil

Sil is Hamilton based designer, has spent half of her life living abroad pursuing her dream. Born in Jakarta (former :Batavia) Indonesia, she grew up with art and was influenced by artist parents. She had finished her Bachelor of Architecture, worked in several design firms for years but later found out that she has more passion for fashion and textile design. 

As an eco-conscious designer, Sil sources the recycled materials from thrift stores, flea markets, local furniture retails & local contacts. As the materials she uses are rarely available in large quatities her line is comprised of unique, one of a kind pieces and small runs. She's proud to announce that she has won the green competition by Exhibition Place Toronto, as "The Greenest Exhibitor" at 2011 Christmas OOAK show, a winner of "Best exhibitor at Marshville Heritage Festival 2013" and "Best Fashion Exhibitor at Haliburton Summer Show 2015".

Vendor Profile #16: Ruth Webster Designs

At the Handmade Hamilton I will be showcasing my handmade greeting cards.  I use mostly rubber stamps and papers that I purchase or find in unusual places like thrift  and antique stores.  Lace, ribbon and decorative cord are also used as well as other three dimensional stickers or interesting finds and trinkets.

I work in a spare room in my house so hence my studio which has a large table and lots of storage units for the items I collect and one of those super sonic LED lights over head my work area.  While working I often listen to classical music on 96.3 FM Radio. 

I use magazines like Cloth,Paper and Scissors, Take Ten and many others for inspiration or just to see what colours are in vogue.  I use the internet as well and access sites such as Timothy Holtz creations and Stampington and company.

I am not sure what the next trend in crafts will be but I see more and more people creating something new from something old, like my friend Theresa from Reclaimed Charm

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Vendor Profile #15: Needlings

Needlings is an independent toy company run by fulltime plush artist and designer, Heather Saunders.

Little Bearling - Small Eco-friendly Felt Plush Bear - Custom Colours

Located in HamiltonOntarioCanada, Heather has made colourful creatures by hand from eco-friendly felt and high quality fabrics since 2007. 

Needlings are available in stores throughout U.S. and Canada and online at  
Black Kitty Pin - Eco-friendly Handsewn Felt Plush Cat Brooch/Pin

Heather also participates in art exhibitions, group plush shows with plush art collective, Plush Team, and conventions/markets/fairs in Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area

While not making toys, Heather enjoys cuddling with her kitty Gus, her puppy Callie, and doodling silly faces. 
Wren - One of a Kind Miniature Kawaii Art Doll

Vendor Profile #14: Parlour Apothecary

We are a canadian based company with certifications in aromatherapy, aesthetics, environmental science and holistic nutrition.  Our combined experience and our passion for educating others on the importance of natural based products has brought us together to create Parlour's Apothecary.
Our skincare is made to order at our studio in Dundas Valley  with 100% natural ingredients. Paraben free, gluten free, cruelty free and vegetarian friendly. 

We've created our recipes to help reduce inflammation in the body and skin, reducing irritation, improving circulation and adding hydration. 

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we have enjoyed creating them!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Vendor Profile #13: Frances Ward

Frances Ward was born in Manchester, U.K. but has spent most of her adult years in Hamilton area (Ontario, Canada) where as a mixed and multi-media artist she has created works with words, paint, collage, printmaking, photography and most recently clay. She has participated in many solo and group shows over the years and has received many awards for both her two and three dimensional works as well as for her written work (poetry). 

“I love the intimacy of clay...creating an object to hold and appreciate within arm's length. My many years of experience with art making has certainly informed my work with clay. My items are hand built (as opposed to thrown on a wheel) and I play with form, texture, layering, and colour. My process is very similar to that of my painting, print making and collaging, though with clay comes the inherent temptation to make something that is also functional on some level.”

Vendor Profile #12: Crochet Colour Culture

Crochet Colour Culture offers handcrafted locally made crochet designs. Each piece is designed and then handcrafted with love by Cathie Weadick

"My passion for creating and always looking for new and exciting desings never ceases my love of crochet. The yarn becomes the hero of the creation, using many types for depth, colour, texture, and creative libery. My collections include more mainstream items such as suffed toys(latest creations include Minion, Tardis, Sock Monkey, and Aliens) and novelty hats, to more retro creations such as hippie booty slippers and flappers style hats and headwraps. My collection includes a variety of hats, mittens, fingerless gloves, scarves, ponchos and wraps, slippers, wristwarmers and Rasta inspired hats. Custom orders are most welcomed. I create my own designs as well as look for inspiration from other designers. My work has been described as fun, funky, eclectic, colourful, warm and cozy, and one of a kind. No two pieces made are ever the same."