Thursday, December 10, 2015

Vendor Profile #16: Ruth Webster Designs

At the Handmade Hamilton I will be showcasing my handmade greeting cards.  I use mostly rubber stamps and papers that I purchase or find in unusual places like thrift  and antique stores.  Lace, ribbon and decorative cord are also used as well as other three dimensional stickers or interesting finds and trinkets.

I work in a spare room in my house so hence my studio which has a large table and lots of storage units for the items I collect and one of those super sonic LED lights over head my work area.  While working I often listen to classical music on 96.3 FM Radio. 

I use magazines like Cloth,Paper and Scissors, Take Ten and many others for inspiration or just to see what colours are in vogue.  I use the internet as well and access sites such as Timothy Holtz creations and Stampington and company.

I am not sure what the next trend in crafts will be but I see more and more people creating something new from something old, like my friend Theresa from Reclaimed Charm

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