Friday, November 28, 2014

Vendor Profile: Crochet Colour Culture

I have been an avid crochet fiend for all my life. Self taught in the art of crochet, my creations have evolved as part of the inner me. My pieces are made with varying yarns to evoke colour, texture, warmth, and funky fun. Not your grandmother's crochet. 

Ideas are endless and result in one of a kind pieces for every special person. I love a challenge. Many of my more recent creations have been provided to me by my friends who thnk they have me stumped. I continue to brainstorm to create wonderful hats, mittens, scarves, toys, and whatever comes my way.  

Cathie Weadick

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Vendor Profiles: Totums

Totums are small knitted creatures brought to life by artist and illustrator Jonathan Royce-Gerry.  One of a kind crafty brilliance at it's best and we are happy to welcome them to Handmade Hamilton!

Vendor Profile: JB Styles

Hi, I’m Jana, but you can call me jb. With a background in interior design and home renovation, I have a passion for the creative process from start to finish. For as long as I can remember, if I was working with my hands, in any capacity, I was happy. 

A few years ago, after completing a glass course, I was so inspired that I built my own studio in my home. I love to incorporate vintage fabric, feathers and interesting papers into my glass work and I’m always looking for ways to recreate and reuse just about anything. Because of my love of colour, pattern and texture, this past year I’ve also added some sewn pieces to my line, upcycling sweaters and sweatshirts into blankets, pillows and whatever else I can dream up. You just never know what will come out of my workshop next and quite honestly, neither do I! 

There’s nothing better than the feeling when inspiration hits and I feel especially blessed when I inspire creativity in others.

Vendor Profile: Jelly Brothers

We are Matt and Dan Jelly.  We live in Hamilton, Ontario and we make things.  Matt is a graphic designer, screen printer, pillow sewer and all-around craftsperson.  Dan is a photographer, graphic designer, and web developer.  

Who thought up this neighbourhood map idea?
A few years ago, when Matt was Chair of the Central Neighbourhood Association in Hamilton, he was working on some promotional materials and designed a map of the Central neighbourhood.  He then started designing maps for other neighbourhoods across the lower city according to Hamilton's official neighbourhood boundaries.  As of now we have designed over 150 maps, including neighbourhoods across the old City of Hamilton as well as the former towns of Ancaster, Dundas, Glanbrook, Flamborough and Stoney Creek.  Chances are, if you live in Hamilton, we have a print of your neighbourhood for sale.
Are the maps printed locally?
Yes, everything we print digitally is done locally at CopyDog on King William St. in Hamilton (a four minute walk from our workspace).  Specialty, larger format maps are also printed in downtown Hamilton.  We don't often screen print maps, but when we do, Matt does those himself by hand.
Who does your screen printing?
Matt does all of his own poster prints, t-shirts, and pillow designs by hand.  None of this fancy, efficient new-fangled equipment for us (well.. not yet anyway)
What about the tshirts you sometimes sell, are they made in Canada?
Yes! We're proud to say that all of the t-shirts we print on and sell are made by Jerico, a Candian (Toronto) manufacturer of t-shirts and apparel.  This does bump up our costs a bit compared to purchasing discount overseas products, but we like knowing that the shirts we sell are made locally and ethically.

Vendor Profile: Sarah De Gasperis Jewelry

Sarah is a trained goldsmith with an ever growing passion for her work.

A native of Toronto whose love of travel led her to study in Cordoba, Spain where she completed a two-year goldsmith and received a study grant for a three month apprenticeship in Hamburg, Germany. Her work has been featured various in magazines, as well as published in several books in both Canada and Europe. 

Sarah draws her inspiration from nature, ancient civilizations, mythical creatures and all things magical. All her jewelry from design to finish is completely handcrafted with heart in her studio in Toronto,Canada where she continues to explore and create.

"I strive to infuse each jewelry piece with the intimate feel of a lost treasure rediscovered"

Vendor Profile: Ruth Webster's Cards

Ruth Webster creates one of a kind greeting cards that are 
perfect for the holidays!

I started working with rubber stamps about 12 years ago after visiting a shop in Dundas that had so many.  They also had free Saturday workshops.  I was hooked and have been making cards since.  I am just recently retired  from the Hamilton Public School board so have more time to create or at least that's the plan.

At the show I will have a variety of holiday cards that are unique and different from mainstream cards.  Most of the cards involve the art of rubber stamping which includes work with a lot of different types of stamps and ink on various types of papers.   

I also like photography and have a few photo cards.  Nature and it's colours also inspire me in my creations.Other artists inspire me especially if I am in a bit of a rut and suffer from creative block.  So many talented people in this community have become my friends and I am truly blessed to have them all.

I also have been fortunate to travel abroad and meet other artists and crafters in various parts of Europe and I bought their work as souvenirs. 

Vendor Profile: Namaste Freund

I began making handfasting cords by making them for my own ceremony. I knew what i wanted them to look like, and found the supplies. I didn't really know how to put them all together, but after some trial and error (and a few hours of panicking the night before the wedding) I figured them out, were happy with how they looked, and love making cords for others.

Everything about my cords is customisable - how the cord is made, the colour(s) of the cord, endcaps, and bead or charm embellishments. Let's chat about how I can help make your dream handfasting cord come to life. 
Beaded Hair Sticks from Namaste Freund

Beaded Bookmarks from Namaste Freund

Handfasting Cords by Namaste Freund

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Vendor Profile: Benchdog Collective

Bench Dog Collective is a group of makers in Hamilton, Ontario. We make wood goods of all kinds: furniture, jewelry, custom builds, and more. We have a small wood-working studio near Gage Park, where most of the action takes place.

Vendor Profile: Needllings

Needlings is an independent toy company run by fulltime plush artist and designer, Heather Saunders.

Located in HamiltonOntarioCanada, Heather has made colourful creatures by hand from eco-friendly felt and high quality fabrics since 2007.  Needlings are available in stores throughout U.S. and Canada and online at  

Heather also participates in art exhibitions, group plush shows with plush art collective, Plush Team, and conventions/markets/fairs in Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area

While not making toys, Heather enjoys cuddling with her kitty Gus, her puppy Callie, and doodling silly faces.

Vendor Profile: Nancy Benoy

Tell us about your creative work and what we can expect at this years Handmade Hamilton Show.

    I am absolutely delighted to be showing pieces from my Itty Bitty Collection, a collection of simple, modern, graphic paper pictures mounted on lovely warm wooden boxes. These can be hung on the wall or simply moved around upon whim. (something I like to do with art. A lot.)
    Also this year I will be selling another paper project I am involved in - Time and Place, a hand stitched Chapbook featuring art/lyrics/poetry/short stories and photography from the Hamilton area.

What does your process look like?
    Messy. At times. Organized. At times too. Also, it involves walks with my dog Roxy through the grounds of Dundurn Castle and the Hamilton Cemetery.
What inspires you? Where do you find your inspirations?
    I am inspired by colour, texture and beauty in the everyday object, weather that be a tea towel, coffee mug, the light that casts a twinkling glow on the leaves out my window or paint swatches, I love colour and pattern. A lot.  
 Words of inspiration to other artists?
    I would refer to the quote below, because if you don't try something and follow through you might not know what success or divergent path you might encounter. 

Fave quotes?
    "In for penny in for pound" 
    Although I seldom say this quote myself, my husband does (quite often to me) and I think, yes, quite right, lets just give it a go and finish x,y,z project/idea/thought.
Favourite movie?
    I am not sure this is my favourite movie or the one that's been on my mind but recently I watched a documentary 20,000 Days on Earth about the musician/artist and writer Nick Cave. It literally brought me to tears.  It's one of those films I am craving to see again, but wished I could see it again for the very first time.  

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Vendor Profile: The Simplest Stitch

The Simplest Stitch had a humble beginning in 2010. I took out every crocheting book from the library and obsessively taught myself to crochet in order to make a hat for my daughter. I discovered how much I love the creative process. Looking at various fibres and textiles and feeling inspiration take over. Add in some time, and something wonderful is made - with my very own hands. 

I do believe that simple things can be some of the most beautiful things, so it is with the simplest of stitches that I create inspired pieces. I hand make scarves, slippers, baby booties, hats, boot cuffs, headbands, accessories and more (crocheted or sewn).  Each year I accept a limited number of custom orders, and I sell my own creative pieces. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Vendor Profile: Gathering Bliss

At Gathering Bliss we believe in the power of Nature to heal our bodies and nurture our Souls.  In addition to formulating all of our products to reap the synergistic benefits of Nature's pharmacy, we honour the Earth by:

Crafting all our products using 100% natural ingredients.
Never using artificial colours, fragrances or preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, parabens or sulphates.
Using local, organic and carefully wild-crafted ingredients when available.
Using recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging as much as possible.
Striving to minimize our ecological footprint more and more all the time.
We love the Earth and we love how we are loved back!

Gathering Bliss is a family-run business based in Hamilton, Ontario.  We are honoured to be working in harmony with Nature as we respectfully serve our community.  We hope the love we infuse into all our products warms your heart and makes a difference in your day!

Vendor Profile: Dear Edna


Erin McIntosh is the one-woman show behind Dear Edna, a handmade accessories line that she designs, sews, and prints from her home in Hamilton, Ontario.  Erin is heavily influenced by the past – think florals, houndstooth and plaid; doilies and lace; brooches and pearls; high tea and happy hour.

Erin began teaching herself to sew at a young age and has fond memories of playing underneath her grandmother’s quilting frames.  However, it wasn’t until she had spent four years at university, two years abroad, and three years in Toronto that she decided to move back to her hometown, reignite her relationship with her sewing machine, and finally turn her life-long hobby into a creative business.


It’s no surprise that Erin is constantly inspired by the handmade tradition -- she is currently studying crochet, quilting, and needlework and is eager to find ways to incorporate them into her work. Outside of her sewing room, Erin is a copyeditor, tea fanatic, bookworm and baker.

Instagram: www.instagram/dearednashop

Vendor Profile: Catherine Moon from Moonruddle Designs

Moonruddle Designs is Catherine Moon- artist, teacher, and mother of 3. She graduated with degrees in Fine Arts and French from McMaster University in 2000. She teaches French Immersion and continues to do printmaking in her spare time. All of her prints are original designs carved from linoleum and hand printed on an assortment of Japanese papers. She is inspired by nature and specifically by flowers, insects and forest animals. Other inspirations come from the French culture and from her visits to France and Quebec. More recently she has been experimenting with dyeing natural fabrics with natural dyes.

Vendor Profile: Charlie&Gav

Charlie&Gav, (formerly L'il Lids) create warm, versatile and timeless pieces combined with modern fashion and classic flair.

Hand knitted/crochet hats and accessories here for all ages.

Vendor Profile: Laura Konyndyk

Hi! I'm Laura, and I'm an illustrator based in Hamilton. My work is inspired by many things: woodland creatures, nature, word play, the city I live in, people, sweaters, scarves, children's books, and fabrics! (It's a list that's always growing.) 

I've just launched a line of cards and am often busy dreaming about the next print I'm going to make. Over the last few years my style has been informed by my growing love for watercolour--a medium that invites me to embrace happy accidents and experiment with fresh colour combinations. I feel very lucky to be a part of Hamilton's vibrant arts community and I'm excited to continue honing my artistic voice as I create and sell paper goods!

Vendor Profile: Delia Lane

I've been sewing and selling online for five years, mostly cute vintage-style things.  I have a heart for vintage fabric, which I source anywhere and everywhere. I love the thrill of the hunt for the perfect materials for a project. I've recently picked up hand-embroidery and have enjoyed creating my own patterns there too. You can find my work at and on Instagram under the handle @shopsewrobyn. I'm very excited to participate in this event with so many other talented artists!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Vendor Profile: Adele D'arcy Urban Folk Art

Adele D'Arcy specializes in decorative painting on wood and illustrative design inspired by folk art from a variety of cultures.