Thursday, November 27, 2014

Vendor Profile: Jelly Brothers

We are Matt and Dan Jelly.  We live in Hamilton, Ontario and we make things.  Matt is a graphic designer, screen printer, pillow sewer and all-around craftsperson.  Dan is a photographer, graphic designer, and web developer.  

Who thought up this neighbourhood map idea?
A few years ago, when Matt was Chair of the Central Neighbourhood Association in Hamilton, he was working on some promotional materials and designed a map of the Central neighbourhood.  He then started designing maps for other neighbourhoods across the lower city according to Hamilton's official neighbourhood boundaries.  As of now we have designed over 150 maps, including neighbourhoods across the old City of Hamilton as well as the former towns of Ancaster, Dundas, Glanbrook, Flamborough and Stoney Creek.  Chances are, if you live in Hamilton, we have a print of your neighbourhood for sale.
Are the maps printed locally?
Yes, everything we print digitally is done locally at CopyDog on King William St. in Hamilton (a four minute walk from our workspace).  Specialty, larger format maps are also printed in downtown Hamilton.  We don't often screen print maps, but when we do, Matt does those himself by hand.
Who does your screen printing?
Matt does all of his own poster prints, t-shirts, and pillow designs by hand.  None of this fancy, efficient new-fangled equipment for us (well.. not yet anyway)
What about the tshirts you sometimes sell, are they made in Canada?
Yes! We're proud to say that all of the t-shirts we print on and sell are made by Jerico, a Candian (Toronto) manufacturer of t-shirts and apparel.  This does bump up our costs a bit compared to purchasing discount overseas products, but we like knowing that the shirts we sell are made locally and ethically.

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