Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Vendor Profile: Nancy Benoy

Tell us about your creative work and what we can expect at this years Handmade Hamilton Show.

    I am absolutely delighted to be showing pieces from my Itty Bitty Collection, a collection of simple, modern, graphic paper pictures mounted on lovely warm wooden boxes. These can be hung on the wall or simply moved around upon whim. (something I like to do with art. A lot.)
    Also this year I will be selling another paper project I am involved in - Time and Place, a hand stitched Chapbook featuring art/lyrics/poetry/short stories and photography from the Hamilton area.

What does your process look like?
    Messy. At times. Organized. At times too. Also, it involves walks with my dog Roxy through the grounds of Dundurn Castle and the Hamilton Cemetery.
What inspires you? Where do you find your inspirations?
    I am inspired by colour, texture and beauty in the everyday object, weather that be a tea towel, coffee mug, the light that casts a twinkling glow on the leaves out my window or paint swatches, I love colour and pattern. A lot.  
 Words of inspiration to other artists?
    I would refer to the quote below, because if you don't try something and follow through you might not know what success or divergent path you might encounter. 

Fave quotes?
    "In for penny in for pound" 
    Although I seldom say this quote myself, my husband does (quite often to me) and I think, yes, quite right, lets just give it a go and finish x,y,z project/idea/thought.
Favourite movie?
    I am not sure this is my favourite movie or the one that's been on my mind but recently I watched a documentary 20,000 Days on Earth about the musician/artist and writer Nick Cave. It literally brought me to tears.  It's one of those films I am craving to see again, but wished I could see it again for the very first time.  

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