Thursday, November 27, 2014

Vendor Profile: Namaste Freund

I began making handfasting cords by making them for my own ceremony. I knew what i wanted them to look like, and found the supplies. I didn't really know how to put them all together, but after some trial and error (and a few hours of panicking the night before the wedding) I figured them out, were happy with how they looked, and love making cords for others.

Everything about my cords is customisable - how the cord is made, the colour(s) of the cord, endcaps, and bead or charm embellishments. Let's chat about how I can help make your dream handfasting cord come to life. 
Beaded Hair Sticks from Namaste Freund

Beaded Bookmarks from Namaste Freund

Handfasting Cords by Namaste Freund

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