Thursday, December 10, 2015

Vendor Profile #19: JB Styles

Jb styles is all about upcycling and eco-style! My creations are often inspired by current trends, however, each piece is made using vintage, antique or previously loved materials fashioned through a variety of techniques. Fabric, buttons, glass and jewelry that I search for and find at markets and various shops & sales are reimagined, disassembled, cut up and redesigned into “new” and wonderful things. More than 90% of my work is made with upcycled materials and because of this the Jb styles line is ever changing with fresh & inspired ideas with every season. Also because of this, most of the pieces are limited edition which adds a true one of a kind quality to my work.

Soft products include Boho throws, Limbwarmers, cup cuffs and pillows all of which are created from hoodies and wool sweaters.
I redesign old jewelry and vintage buttons into new accessories….earrings, pendant necklaces & bracelets. Beautifully patterned vintage scarves are encased in glass (using a stained glass technique) to make candleboxes and ornaments.
Jb styles has a passion for texture, colour and pattern, but mostly for the challenge of taking something old and forgotten and giving it a new life. Customers can feel that their purchase is not only funky and unique, but also eco-responsible.

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