Thursday, November 10, 2016

Vendor Profile #3 - Bearded Nomad

Bearded Nomad

Tell us about your work and what we can expect to see at this years Handmade Hamilton?

Christine and I make all natural beard care products right here in Hamilton. We have a lot going on this year and are happy to announce we will be releasing a new beard oil, balm and wax as well as some new soap and custom beard combs made right here in #Hamont. 

What are your inspirations?

We find inspiration in our every day, from the people we get the pleasure to be friends with to all the Hamilton Beardo's that have welcomed us with open arms. The amount of positive feedback we hear on a daily basis makes us just want to keep hustling. It's weird but when we get messages from people explaining how Bearded nomad has changed their beard game, truly inspires us to be as great as we can be. 

Tell us some of your favourite things about Hamilton?

Way too many things we love about Hamilton, Jacob is born and raised here and Christine is a transplant from Brantford. One of our favorite thing about Hamilton would have to be the eclectic mix of artists, makers and other entrepreneurs in Hamilton, all of which are so supportive of each other. We also have some really stellar craft shows that have been happening lately. Wait...cant forget all the great beer and food popping up everywhere!

How has Hamilton's art and craft scene changed in the past 5 years?

Hamilton's arts and craft scene has changed so much in the past five years and we cant exactly pin point the change but we feel it has something to do with the start of art crawl. In the past five years there has been a huge influx of makers and artists that have been hiding away, just waiting for the right time to show their stuff. From local craft shows to entrepreneurial support groups such as The innovation Factory or The Hive Hamilton, there has just been so much love, we feel it has allowed everyone to become comfortable with their work. 

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